If you are anything like me, you will know all too well the struggle of leaving your house (happily) in anything BUT black. By this I don't just mean a pair of Topshop Joni's (because you actually end up wearing grey...), a plain top and a pair of boots.. I can confidently say I have come up with over 1000 outfits using a single colour and I adore them. I much prefer playing with textures, lengths and styles, rather than colours. I just don't feel comfortable in a blue jacket or a red top (not saying this is a bad thing - you do you...), but that simply just isn't me. Saying that, I know all too well about the 'rut' so many of us get stuck in when it comes to styling an outfit, and I think I may have just found my favourite way of breaking out of that rut. However, for all of you colour loving beauties - keep reading, I have no doubt you will enjoy this outfit as much as me (and any fellow all-black-slay-everyday gals). 

Okay, so lets ease in gently - I don't think I could be wearing any more black if I tried but this outfit is sooo me. One (very vain and not so exciting) 2018 New Year's resolution of mine was to experiment more with jeans. I constantly see so many girls on Instagram slaying the Mom Jean look, girls who look insane in quirky awkward-length jeans, and just generally killing it with a simple pair of jeans. I think when you try a new style - of anything - it's so easy to think you look silly or feel uncomfortable and then revert back to your plain tight fitting, figure hugging styles. But I am, and was, getting so bored of that look, and so went to Topshop with a mission; Up My Jean Game. 

I came across this style and immediately loved them.. but then I question myself 'Will I look ridiculous?' 'The model is 5'10.. im 5'5' 'You're not going to look like the girls on Instagram Nadia, put them back!!' So, after a little pep talk, and remembering its not exactly hard to return a pair of jeans to a shop if they look crap, I ordered them online. After trying and testing a few different outfits, I came to the conclusion that I too, could slay the Straight Leg jean, and the rest is history.

Anyway, lets get back to the main point of this post - The Statement Jacket (I've just rambled about black jeans.. the struggle is real..). Often when I shop, I try to look for two things: 1.Create a whole outfit in mind when buying items so you know you will wear it, and 2. Make sure the pieces are versatile enough you can wear them all separately. So I actually ended up adding a whole black base outfit to my shopping cart because you know, versatile and a whole outfit.. I was just following my own rules... but I did want something to last me a few years and to be a little bit different; step out of my comfort zone. The easiest way to do this for me, is to wear a 'Statement Jacket'; meaning I can still wear my go-to plain base outfit, but completely transform it with one item. 

I found this amazing Topshop faux-fur jacket and knew it was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Very out there, but also very true to my style. Not bright pink, not too girly, but still eye-catching and cool (if I may say so myself)

I love the fact that this jacket can be worn in so many different ways, and for so many different occasions. I went for a day time-smart casual look with my jeans and sock boots, but I would also wear this jacket out for dinner with some heels and tight jeans or during the day with some chunky trainers or loafers. It's so statement but it's also so versatile and a very very easy way to make yourself look put together and SASSY. Above all, it can be worn over a plain black outfit and still look insane - I'll take that any day. 

As well as being just simply amazing, it's actually really really warm and super soft which makes it perfect for this time of year. I'm so ready for Summer and so over big padded jackets so I feel this is the perfect way to start brightening up my wardrobe, get ready for Spring and stay warm. 



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