This look is one of my favourites for the season, simple, effortless but stylish and super warm. 

I saw these trainers and just about had a heart attack, I am IN LOVE. I feel like if there was ever a pair of shoes that were made for me, these are them! I love funky shoes, ones that make a statement and bring an outfit to life. Shoes are a huge part of my wardrobe, I love making a simple outfit look cool and unique with a gorgeous (and slightly weird) pair of shoes plus these are the comfiest pair of trainers I've ever owned.. I feel like I'm bouncing on a cloud every time I take a step!

I've said previously that I adore maxi coats at this time of year, I have so many different styles and they go with just about every outfit I wear. This is one of my favourites from Zara (obviously) last year. It's not super thick but that makes it perfect for this time of year - and when it gets a bit colder I layer up underneath. 

These trainers are actually it the sale - bargain!! I will link them below for you..I'm so tempted to get them in black also! 
I finished this look off with my Celine sunnies and Givenchy handbag - I use both of these far too much, but I'm so in love with them so why not! 

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