Summer Stripes

Hellooooo everyone!

I'm finally back for good - I promise. Life has been so hectic these past few months, and I literally haven't had a second to spare! I've got lots lined up for these next few months, and lots of exciting things coming up to share with you all, so stay tuned.

I was having a mooch around in the Zara sales with my sister the other week and came across this dress (unfortunately not in the sale but very reasonably priced), and I HAD to take it home- in fact we both picked one up as we fell in love straight away! We had originally planned to keep them for our holidays but have both ended up wearing it a few times as we were so obsessed. 

It's the absolute perfect summer piece, so light weight, but easily layered with a jacket or jumper to keep warm. This dress can be made in to so many different outfits, using different accessories, different shoes, and even putting a statement jumper over the top to make it look like a skirt. I think this is such a versatile piece and it will definitely be making an appearance in my Winter wardrobe pairing it with chunky boots and a jumper!

I usually am not one to feel comfortable in bright colours, or dresses for that matter, but I feel the older I get, the more experimental I am becoming. I'm starting to branch out of my comfort zone of black, black and more black! Also, I think the warm weather, and planning so many holidays in the sun is really inspiring me to lighten my wardrobe.

On this particular day, however, I paired this dress with my black leather jacket, black shoes, black bag, and yes, you guessed it, black sunglasses... I think if you are going to step out of your usual style, it's sensible to make sure it's still worn the way you would want to wear it. 

I hope you've enjoyed this - my next post will be very soon!


Dress: Here


  1. Love the dress, might need to make a swift visit to Zara! Would love to know where your lace up shoes are from, I've been looking for a pair like that for ages x

    1. Definitely do, its so amazing! My shoes are from Zara also babe but last year!! xx


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