Hello again! 

Three (very quick) years later and I have finally graduated from University. I studied Business and Events Management - initially this is something I had wanted to do as a career, but during the three years of study, I realised very quickly that it wasn't for me - however I faced the options of stay and stick it out, or go home to Scotland and do god knows what... 

I chose to stay - because my life is in England, and although I won't go into Events Management - I have a degree under my belt, which isn't going to hinder me in any way.

Saying that, University and degrees are not the be all and end all, and if you don't want to go to University, don't fret! Personally, I always felt the pressure to go to University growing up, everyone around me told me I should, and I was led to believe that without going, I would find it a lot harder to make a success of myself.. This is not the case, and the fact that so many young people are feeling this pressure is ridiculous.

If you don't go, don't sit around and do nothing with your time - use it as a three year 'head start'. Throw yourself into many different jobs, take lots of opportunities, and start making your dreams a reality. 

I found University a huge learning curve - I left home at young age, and moved to England - away from my family, on my own, so by the time I started University, I had already been doing, and done, the 'student life' for two years, and I was quite honestly sick of the whole culture. Don't get me wrong - I love a good bottle of wine, and a night out, but clubbing until 3am and drinking shots all night isn't my scene. I also encountered a lot bitchyness and petty drama, and by year three I had made the decision to just focus on myself and get on with my own life.. 

It was in my final year that I decided to start this blog, decided to stop caring what others thought of me, and quite frankly - became a much happier person. I cut all negative aspects from my life, and when graduation day came, I felt a sense of relief that I was finally able to shut that chapter of my life. 

Of course, I also felt an immense sense of achievement, and I am super proud of myself for what I have achieved, but my focus can now be on doing things that I love, and achieving the things I've been dreaming about for so many years - which is what makes me most excited.

Right, enough of that - on to the bit that you are all actually here for.. the outfit. 

I had been thinking about my outfit for a long while before Graduation, and I knew I definitely wanted a skirt in this style - I think its such an elegant look, classy but still 'cool' which is something I feel represents my style perfectly. So when Pretty Lavish approached me and offered to gift me this one I was over the MOOOON!! 
It's such a stunning colour, and the skirt hangs in such a flattering manner, as well as the quality being amazing. (It also comes in Silver, which I will be purchasing for my holidays!)

If you haven't already - you really should check out Pretty Lavish - they have the most stunning pieces; sunglasses, beach wear, dresses, and all are very reasonably priced. It's definitely one of my favourite shops at the minute. 

I wore my favourite shoes from Christian Louboutin. Considering how much of a reputation Loubs have for been ridiculously uncomfortable, my feet held out pretty well the whole day, and surprisingly, I also find these shoes super easy to walk in.

I pinched this bag from my sister a couple of months ago, and I just cannot seem to part ways.. soooo obsessed! My body is just a plain 'ASOS own' one. 

Skirt: Here



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