You know those days when you chuck on an outfit half arsed, look in the mirror and think 'girrrrrrrll you look fly' ?
Well, this outfit is exactly that. Whilst shamelessly taking an Instagram selfie, I chucked on anything I could find - looked in the mirror, realised I was wearing grey socks... added these amazing boots, and voila!!

I'm currently in the process of moving from one city to another, so half my wardrobe is an hour and a half away from me, meaning that I'm throwing outfits together in a 'what can I find today?' manner rather than a swift, easy planned out process with my whole wardrobe in front of my eyes. However, this does mean I am finding hidden gems that I completely forgot I even owned...

This denim jacket is one of those gems. I bought this last year and fell out of love with it over Winter - I have a love hate relationship with denim jackets but I think this one is a perfect Spring option, it's so light weight and makes an outfit that little bit more edgy. 

I found these woollen culottes in Zara before Christmas and I obviously had to pick them up. I absolutely love culottes, I love just about anything with an awkward length and I personally find they add a good few inches to my height (I'm 5'4 and a bit). The fact that these are woollen (and fairly thick) make them perfect for Spring weather as they do a pretty good job of keeping you warm.

Now for the best part - these BOOTS!! Lets talk about these boots. I. AM. IN. LOVE. 
I saw these on Lissy Roddy's Instagram (obsessed) and bought them immediately. They're from Mango -who have completely upped their game this season. Absolutely everything on their site is to die for. 
I am so obsessed with this unique take on the boring sock boot trend. I'm a firm believer in adding a good pair of shoes and a lush handbag to transform any outfit, something I have learned from my Mum growing up - the queen of shoes.
 These boots are so versatile, I've worn them out shopping, I've worn them out for drinks, I've worn them to my nan's house.. they make anything look soooo trendy and make the the most boring of outfits look tip top. In fact, that is one of the best things about these boots, you literally do not have to put a single bit of effort into your outfit because I personally feel the plainer the better - show off the shoe!!

Unfortunately I think they've sold out as I can't find them anywhere but any boot in a similar style would work with this outfit. 

Jacket: Here (I got a UK16)
T-shirt: Here
Culottes: Similar Here and Here
Boots: Alternative Here
Sunnies: Here

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